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  1. I have known Greg for years; his passion for bow hunting is contagious, and his knowledge and approach to helping set up my bow has made me improve continuously.
    Kyle K. Bedminster, PA
  2. Greg helped me set up my bow. I went shooting and my bow shot perfectly. He was very helpful and had lots of good advice.
    Austin S., NJ
  3. I was very pleased with the work this fine gentlemen took his time on my bow he took his time to teach me he was very patient with me I am very pleased with the work he has done I want to thank you Greg for helping me out.
    Jose Adorno
  4. I picked up my first bow today from Greg as a new archer i had a ton of questions about it and he took the time to answer every question i had as he set up my bow. At the end of all of it was consistently getting arrows in the center of the target at 15 yards (2nd time shooting). I'm super happy with trusting him to guide me on what to purchase and his passion for archery shows threw his work, from attention to every detail to showing me how to sight it in, it was an overall great experience. thanks again
    Filipe Silva
  5. I was introduced to Greg by a fellow bow hunter and he was wonderful helping with my bow and bow for my child. He ordered new Cams for my Child's Matthew's bow, switched out the cams and adjusted weight so he could draw it back as well. I will go back to him for additional bow set up and management and he was wonderful. The graphic design and sweatshirts for Intimate Archery are pretty cool too. My kids fight over the sweatshirt we got. I have been to a number of bow stores, archery ranges and bulk stores and Greg has been the most thoughtful an patient tech I have met. He has a deep understanding of the bow world. Thank you Greg!
    P. Kelley, Chatham, NJ
  6. I just so happened to go to the range as the same time as Greg and just before I got there I put on a new sight and arrow rest. I was having some trouble getting the sight to sight in and Greg saw me struggling. He helped me for over an hour on his own free time to sight in and help me tremendously on my stance and my grip on the bow. I couldn’t say thank you enough for the help. An amazing guy and extremely knowledgeable with bows, most defiantly going to go to Greg with anything bow related.
    Corey D, North New Jersey
Austin S., NJ
After working with Intimate Archery to set up his bow this year, Austin landed this beautiful buck early in the season! 
Austin S., NJ

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